Restylane is a brand of filler from the company Galderma. First introduced in 1996, it was the first established, stabilized non-animal Hyaluronic acid (HA) filler.

Restylane was the first hyaluronic acid filler to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for cosmetic injection into sub dermal facial tissues. The product that restores skins natural moisture and hydration with specific technology making it hard to detect that it is a foreign substance, thus not creating an immune reaction. The purpose of Restylane is so it mirrors our the organic Hyaluronic acid in the skin.  It can restore and maintain the hydration and plumping everyone naturally starts to lose by age 21.

A Swedish scientist by the name of Bengt Agerup, in the late 1980’s has this vision to recreate that natural effect we posses by hyaluronic acid.  After much innovation and testing, it was launched to be used to carefully suit specific patients needs. Restylane now includes the largest ranges of uses in gel textures to assist in different functions. With many uses for this technology, including treating osteoarthritis of the knee, and atopic dermatitis (dry skin), it is most commonly used in the aesthetic world. Restylane is a gel-based filler for aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and adding volume to the face. 

Some of it’s sub products, such as restylane Silk and Restylane Lyft also help with fine lines, volume in the cheeks, and wrinkles in the hands. When applied accurately by a medically trained and licensed practitioner, it can provide shape and counter to the face, lips, cheeks, and chin.It is applied with  a hypodermic needle, or a micro-cannula. It is a safe, easy, and affordable alternative to plastic surgery. With more than 15 million people in 65 countries, it is one of the most recognizable fillers and non-surgical treatments on the market.

Restylane has a patented system called Non-Animal Stabilised HA technology (NASHA). This created a firmer gel texture and substance that gives a more defined lift and delivers longer-lasting hydration. This is used in their fillers, skin boosters, and skincare offered by Galderma.

Optimal Balance technology is used in their Emervel collection of Restylane filler. This is a softer gel structure, creating a more even, subdued subtle look to the areas injected. Galderma and Emervel, both leading companies in Hyaluronic Fillers combined forces in 2018, introducing Restylane Refine ™, Restylane Volyme ™, and Restylane Fynesse ™.

Individuals interested in treatment will always have a consultation with the provider to go over the best options, how much they need, and what the upkeep and outcome will be. Registered nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and MD’s are only allowed to inject, and most are trained solely in the medical aesthetic industry making them experts in the field. Medical Spas or Dermatologist offices perform the treatments where you will discuss your individual needs, and Contradictions for treatment include women pregnant or breast-feeding, antibiotics, or having infection or sore in the treatment area.

Before getting fillers one can avoid any products that cause excess bruising. ie ibuprofen, aspirin, blood pressure medication, fish oil, herbal teas, /supplements, garlic, fish oil, ginkgo biloba, and heavy alcohol consumption. Swelling and bruising may occur, but will go fully down after two weeks, and typically you can go back for a follow up to see if you need more or just how the results panned out.

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