Cortisone Shot: Relief All Over

cortisone shot

Here at Divante Laser MedSpa, we have many different kinds of skin treatments that help with your wrinkle reduction, growing hair, and more. Many of our injectables and similar services are all about making you look younger and feel better. Some, however, like the cortisone shot, have a wide variety of uses beyond just making you look better. Cortisone can do quite a bit for you, more than most people realize. Below, we’ll go over the many benefits of Cortisone, as well as what it is and how it can help you.

cortisone shot

Cortisone Explained

We’ve all been in stressful situations. When those occur, your body has to respond somehow. To use an example, imagine that you drive to work, but you can’t find a parking spot. You’re almost out of time, but you have to find a parking space. This is a stressful situation, so your body responds in kind. There’s a small area at the base of your brain called the “hypothalamus.” It sends an alarm relay throughout your body. One place that picks it up is your adrenal glands. They respond to that stress signal by releasing a number of hormones. These include adrenaline (which you’re probably familiar with) and one hormone you might not be called “cortisol.”


You know what adrenaline does in a stressful situation: it gives you energy. Cranking up your heart rate and raising your blood pressure. Cortisol, for lack of a better phrase, essentially focuses your body. You know how when you’re really stressed out when you’re in a fight or flight situation, and you all of a sudden aren’t worried about much except what’s right in front of you? Much of this is Cortisol. Cortisol basically shuts down functions that wouldn’t help or would even get in the way in a stressful situation. Your digestive system, your reproductive system – Cortisol (among other tasks) decreases their influence (along with other factors in your body) during a stressful moment.


At this point, you might be thinking: “OK, I get that. But then why would I want something that does that injected into my body?” Well, that’s not all that Cortisol does. It also helps make substances that repair tissues more available and abundant during a stressful situation. We included the above information to show you that Cortisol is a natural substance which is found in your body. This isn’t something foreign or created in a lab and injected into you with unknown side effects. Instead, it’s something your body naturally produces, with quite a few great health benefits.

Cortisone for Inflammation

Cortisol is not Cortisone.  For one thing, the Cortisone we use has a bit of a pain reliever in it, too. Many people use Cortisone to get rid of inflammation in certain parts of their body. However, while that may make you feel better in the long run, it probably won’t in the moment. That’s because Cortisone doesn’t really have a pain reliever by itself. That’s why we put a bit of safe, effective pain reliever in there as well so that this shot is as pleasant an experience as possible.


Most people don’t know Cortisone as a potential beauty treatment; they only know it as a way to fight inflammation. There’s a reason for that: it’s quite effective at treating inflammation. In fact, it can help with inflammation almost immediately. Many doctors will inject Cortisone into practically any part of the body that’s suffering from inflammation. Then, within a matter of days, the inflammation will decrease significantly or outright disappear.


If you can think of something related to inflammation, then Cortisone probably treats it: gout, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, bursitis and more. It’s even been proven to be quite effective at providing help with arthritis: that includes rheumatoid arthritis, reactive arthritis, psoriatic and others. Many have found relief through Cortisone for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so-called “trigger finger” and other problems. Those are just an inkling of some of the ways that people have been able to use Cortisone to feel better.  At Divante, those aren’t the only ways that we use Cortisone.

A Cortisone Shot at Divante

If you’d like, we can discuss how we can use Cortisone to help arthritis and other ailments. However, that’s far from the only way that we can use Cortisone at our location. As we’re a MedSpa, much of our work is about making people look better. Botox, Kybella, laser hair removal – all of these services can make people look and feel younger. Many don’t know this, but Cortisone can be used in exactly the same faction. That’s because a shot of Cortisone is remarkably good at getting rid of acne.


Acne is annoying when you’re a teenager. As you go through puberty, you may develop acne which can cause any number of problems. Of course, once you come out of adolescence, there’s a feeling of “I’m done with acne.” Unfortunately, for many of us, that’s not the case. Acne can continue on into adulthood, and in some cases, it may even be worse.


Take, for example, cystic acne. We’ve all had that experience of a pimple or zit on our face that we popped. Maybe we shouldn’t have (we definitely shouldn’t have) but there was a pimple on our face, despite our best efforts at washing, and in a fit of frustration, we just popped it. That happens all the time, and while it may lead to a breakout in a similar region on the face, it most likely won’t lead to a larger issue. For the most part, that acne isn’t cystic acne.


There’s something rewarding about seeing a pimple on your face, and then using any number of ointments, creams, and treatments, mixed with rigorous face washing, and then seeing the pimple decrease and wither until it ultimately disappears. That’s a great feeling no matter your age. However, when that doesn’t occur, then the opposite is true. It can be genuinely scary to do everything right, to treat your acne as you should, and then see it not be reduced in the slightest. That very well could be a sign of cystic acne.


Part of the reason that this acne is so difficult to get rid of is that it’s not just on the outer layer of your face. It’s underneath the skin, where it’s much harder to get rid of. So, even if you wash your face diligently with the best products, even if you pick at it quite a bit – you can’t quite get to it, because it’s burrowed down in there. One treatment can get to it, however: a shot of Cortisone.

Anti-Inflammatory Extraordinaire

We mentioned earlier that people use a shot of Cortisone as an anti-inflammatory treatment for their arthritis and the like. That’s also what makes Cortisone so effective for your cystic acne, too. It calms the cystic acne, deflating it. Moreover, it doesn’t do this in a superficial way; it does it from the “inside,” from underneath the skin. As opposed to a topical treatment that’s, well, topical, and thus unequipped to deal with cystic acne where it actually is, a shot of Cortisone can be injected where your acne is and get rid of it quickly.


The same goes for many scars as well. Cortisone can assist with those, as well as ingrown hairs and other treatments. This blog was too long, and it was barely able to touch on many of the other ways that Cortisone can treat you. There are so many more we just didn’t have the ability to cover. To find out more about how Cortisone can make you look and feel better, schedule a free consultation with us. We’ll lay out how this or another treatment could help when you call Divante at (818) 334-4737.

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