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Microneedling near Me

Microneedling is a procedure that’s becoming more popular. The reason for that is quite simple: it works. Microneedling is one of the best new ways to make your skin look better than ever. It’s also one that people can be a bit squeamish about until they know all of the facts. Many of the folks who’ve taken advantage of microneedling tend not to use it all that often for good reason: the results last. In this blog, we’ll go over a bit of what microneedling is, as well as why Divante is the best result for when you search microneedling near me.”

Searching for “Microneedling near Me”

When most people look for some kind of good or service online, they tend to look for something in their area. This is particularly important in southern California, where it can be quite difficult to get around. Even a journey of five to ten miles can take more than an hour. That makes it all the more important to put “near me” on the end of a search. That being said, you don’t just want a place that’s near you: you want somewhere that knows what they’re doing, too. If there’s a location next door to your home offering a service, that won’t come in handy if the service is lackluster.

Fortunately, you never have to worry about that with Divante. Our microneedling is absolutely top notch. Not only do we use the best microneedling techniques, tech, and methods on the market today, we’re always looking for ways to improve our microneedling, too. That way, we’re able to offer great microneedling both today as well as into the future. When you go somewhere for microneedling, you should be able to rest assured that they’re the best at what they do. That’s what you’ll get at Divante.

Microneedling near Me

What is The Procedure About?

As a procedure, some folks tend to recoil when they first hear what microneedling is. Ready? It’s a safe, cosmetic procedure that consists of repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. Yes, it’s called “microneedling,” and that’s exactly what it is. Micro needles puncture your skin, over and over again. “That doesn’t sound like it would help,” you might be thinking, “wouldn’t that just cause me pain?” No. It may seem like something that would be ineffective at best and painful at worst, but that’s not what microneedling is. Instead, microneedling is a safe, effective procedure that can take years off of your body.

The main way that microneedling works is by getting your body to create new collagen and elastin, thus making your skin look younger. Of course, you can’t compel your body to do so. You can’t concentrate very hard, or close your eyes and focus your attention to make your body suddenly produce collagen and elastin. Alas, the human body doesn’t work that way. So, to make your skin look younger and firmer, you need to force your body into producing that collagen and elastin.

That’s where microneedling comes in. When you come to Divante and we perform microneedling, so many tiny needles will puncture your skin in a very light, essentially pain-free manner. To you, at first, it may not seem like much has happened. (Indeed, we’ve had so many people who said some version of: “I’ve been worried about how much this will hurt” who, after the procedure is over, basically say some variation on: “is it really over? I expected more.”)

After we’ve punctured your skin with all of these needles, that’s where the “magic” of microneedling really comes in. See, your body doesn’t really know that these tiny “wounds” (“puncture marks” is also a grammatically correct term here, but we’re using “wounds” because that’s how your body and epidermis see them) are actually tiny. So, when your body sees these little wounds, it automatically gets into action healing them. How does it do that? It begins a new phase of collagen synthesis. Your body then gets to work producing new collagen and elastin to fill this wound. Then, that makes your skin look lighter all around.

Think of less like a “series of punctures” and more like a “jumper cable” for your skin. See, as we age, over time, our skin, unfortunately, doesn’t produce as much collagen and elastin. This can lead to wrinkle and other signs of aging. That’s not the kind of thing that you can necessarily do much about in your day to day activities; it’s rather just a fact of life. So, our microneedling works as a defacto “boost” – it kick starts your body’s collagen and elastin production so that you can have younger skin when you want.

What Microneedling Helps With

Microneedling can help to reduce and alleviate all different kinds of signs of aging. See, as collagen and elastin are produced in fewer and fewer quantities, it can lead to all different kinds of problems for your body: your skin may sag; you may see some wrinkles and “fine lines.” Each of these is seen as “facts of life,” but they don’t really have to be. With microneedling, you can live on your terms. Instead of having to succumb to the signs of aging, you can fight back and look how you want to look.

Many of our patients come to us after they’ve had pronounced wrinkles and fine lines, in hopes that microneedling can help to reduce them. However, others come to us because they see microneedling as a preventative measure. Maybe they’ve just begun to have their first wrinkles, or perhaps their earliest signs of aging are beginning to show. Microneedling can also help to ward off the signs of aging, keeping them from occurring so that you can look younger and more vibrant for longer. In the end, microneedling can help in a wide variety of ways.

It’s important to note that microneedling is great at reducing so much more than just the signs of aging. For example, many have successfully used microneedling to get rid of unwanted scars. Many of us see scars on our body like they’re memories we’d like to forget. With microneedling, no one will know you had those scars in the first place.

Divante Microneedling

At Divante, we have microneedling for the face and the neck. We have different packages available so that you can get it where and when you want it. You can get a “Partial Face” package, where we can target the microneedling towards the areas of your face that could most be benefitted by this great procedure. Some of our customers prefer the “Full Face” package. With that one, our microneedling can go anywhere on your face, taking out so-called “trouble areas” as well as anywhere else that the signs of aging may begin to appear.

However, it’s important to note that the signs of aging aren’t limited to your face. That’s where our “Face & Neck” package comes in. As one of our more popular packages, this particular kind of microneedling goes a long way towards making you look and feel younger. Wrinkles, alas, aren’t limited to your face. That can appear on your neck as well. As this is southern California, your neck will often be exposed, every time of year. So, this microneedling package can make sure that when someone sees you, whether for the first time or the thousandth, you’ll look as young and radiant as ever.

It’s not difficult to get started with our microneedling. Many of our patients, when they first come to us, aren’t sure if this is right for them. That’s why we offer free consultations: we go over exactly what it is you want to accomplish. Then, we can lay out all of our different options, so that you can find what’s right for you, whether it’s microneedling or something else. Find out more by calling (818) 334-4737.

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