IPL: Laser Treatment is the Future, Here Today

IPL Laser Treatment

Lasers are no longer just something for science fiction. What would’ve been thought impossible just a few years ago is part of our Studio City medispa today. Using highly advanced laser technology, we can make your skin look younger so that you feel younger. This may take a few different treatments, but those treatments only last for about thirty minutes or so. At Divante, we can help you to get the look that you want with our IPL: laser treatment.

IPL: Laser Treatments Explained

The laser we use is called the “GentleMax Pro.” It wasn’t given that name because it’s catchy: this is a safe and truly gentle laser. With it, we’re able to visibly improve your skin without harming your body. These lasers have been specifically designed to treat your body carefully so that you can enjoy all of the maximum benefits associated with laser treatment while experiencing no side effects. Part of what makes these lasers so great is that in addition to being safe, they’re highly effective as well. Many of our clients have seen visible improvements after just one session.

While one session is enough to see some improvement, one session is probably not enough to see all of the improvements that you would like. We know that many come to us when they have skin that’s been severely damaged. Our lasers can help to reverse that, making your skin look soft and young again. Even if your skin has been damaged by sun, time or something else, our laser can help restore it.

The key to what our lasers can do is regeneration. They don’t necessarily impart something into your skin, but rather they stimulate what’s already there to give you more glowing, beautiful skin.  When our lasers penetrate your skin, they do so to stimulate. If your skin has been damaged, aged or suffered in some other way, it could be due to a lack of elastin or collagen. That’s what our lasers can help with. Through penetration, they can bring back elastin and collagen to your skin, all by stimulating their reproduction. Additionally, if your skin cells need regenerating, these lasers can help with that as well.

IPL Laser Treatment

Kinds of Lasers we Use

The GentleMax Pro itself consists of a 755nm Alexandrite laser as well as a 1064 Nd: YAG Laser. Like everything else we have, they’re incredibly powerful but very safe. One of the many reasons that the Alexandrite laser is important is for its focused targeting abilities. Alexandrite lasers are perfect for targeting a very specific area of your body and changing it. However, because they’re so good at targeting, they leave the rest of the area around that undamaged. That way, you never have to worry about side effects to other parts of your body, rather our lasers focus exactly where they should.

When people hear “targeted laser,” they might (quite naturally) feel some sort of apprehension about having this applied to their skin. However, our laser skin treatment often leaves clients with essentially no pain or discomfort. We take our responsibility as laser sin treatment providers very seriously, and we know that you want to enjoy your great skin without having to be laid up as you recuperate. That’s why our lasers are specifically calibrated to be as safe and effective as possible.

Who our Lasers are Effective for

Our skin treatments work for basically anyone. We know that some people worry if a particular treatment is right for them and their skin type. However, our treatments are great for all different skin types. Whether your skin is severely damaged, or you just have a few blemishes you’d like to have fixed, our laser treatment can help with all of that as well as any other kind of skin in between. We know that some places are unable to help those with certain kinds of skin but we’re able to accommodate all different kinds of skin.

By that same token, our lasers are absolutely safe for anyone to use, too. No matter the age, race, gender, and more – our skin treatment lasers can work to make sure that you look your very best no matter what happens. You may be looking through this and think: “I know I have some skin concerns, but I’m not sure which treatment is right for me.” That’s perfectly understandable. If you book an appointment with us, we can sit down with you and figure out the right kind of laser treatment for your skin concerns.

What our Lasers Treat

An equally appropriate sub-heading for this section might be “what our lasers don’t treat.” Indeed, it would be a much shorter section. With our GentleMax Pro, we can treat a wide range of skin conditions. One of the most common types of conditions that we treat is called “sunspots.” When you have a lot of exposure to the sun, over time, it can lead to discolorations on your skin. As we’re based in Studio City, we have quite a bit of experience with helping to fix sunspots. The same goes for freckles that have been caused by the sun, too.

It’s important to note that even if you wear sunscreen and do everything right, you could still develop sunspots over time. Indeed, many of our clients are diligent about using sunscreens, creams and more, only to still develop a few sunspots. That’s where our laser treatment can come in. Through our continued sessions, we’re able to help people to look their best without being held back by the sun itself.

Damage caused by the sun is just one of the many ways that our lasers can help our clients. Additionally, we’re able to help with age spots, too. Many of us do everything we can to take care of ourselves: we eat right, exercise, and more. However, doing all of that doesn’t preclude age spots from eventually appearing. When they do, our lasers can help to smooth them out, quite literally taking years off of your face in just the span of a few sessions.

Acne scars can be embarrassing when you’re a teenager, but they can be even more embarrassing when you’re an adult. For many of us, acne scars stay long after adolescence has ended. These lasers can help to remove these acne scars so that there will be no evidence whatsoever that you ever had acne on your face. When you get a laser treatment to take care of your acne scars, it’s like a total erasure of your acne.

Speaking of erasure, that’s exactly what our lasers can do with scars. Scars can occur in so many different ways: from childhood accidents, picking at a cut, or even a vehicular accident. We chose those specific examples because we’ve treated the scars of so many people who got them just through those events. A scar can be like a memory you don’t want, only it’s on your body. With the right laser treatment, those scars can be eliminated for good.

Working out and eating healthy is a great way to lose weight and stay in shape. However, even if you work out and eat right all the time, you may still have stretch marks. Stretch marks can sap even the most fit person’s confidence. They’re one more condition that our laser can take care of once and for all.

We can help all different kinds of clients at our site. If you know exactly what kind of treatment you want, book an appointment for it at our site today. However, if you know that you have a skin concern you’d like cleared up, but aren’t sure what the most effective treatment might be for your particular condition, we can help. Give the Divante medispa a call at (818) 334-4737 for a consultation.

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