Laser Skin Rejuvenation: Foundation of a New You

laser skin rejuvenation

So many beauty treatments imply that there’s something wrong with us. They tell us that the only way we can look great is through something external, something that’s not a part of our body already. That’s not what our laser skin rejuvenation does. In fact, it does the opposite. We believe that you’re already beautiful. On top of that, the key to being even more beautiful, to looking how you want is already inside of you. To make that come to pass, our laser skin rejuvenation unlocks your true, inner beauty for the world to see.

laser skin rejuvenation

How our Laser Skin Rejuvenation Works

Simply put, we use a laser to remove damaged skin. When we say “remove,” we don’t mean that we “take off your skin” or something dramatic like that. All it means is that instead of “taking your skin off,” these flashes of laser light go to the second layer of your skin, the one that’s just below the outermost layer. That light is absorbed by that second layer. However, once that second layer has absorbed all of that light, it converts it to heat.


Then, that heat gets right to work. The heat takes care of all of the damaged areas of your skin that have been bothering you. It eliminates them, melting them away till all that remains is the second, more youthful looking layer of your skin. This treatment doesn’t require you to add any kind of ointment, cream or something to your body. Rather, it makes sure that you look your best by revealing what’s best about you. To use an analogy, it’s like molding a statue: some parts are cleared away until what remains is a true work of art.

A Treatment for Many Kinds of Skin Concerns

We use the phrase “damaged skin” quite liberally. This IPL treatment deals with many different kinds of skin concerns. It can do a great job with age spots, the problems that can occur as we age. Even if you’ve faithfully used moisturizers and other treatments for years, you may run into concerns with age spots. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen and similar substances that help our bodies to look better and younger. Once that happens, this IPL treatment can take away those skin concerns.


This is important because it means you don’t have to succumb to aging. Once your body has begun to show age spots, you can just accept it, or you can do something about it. People that develop these “age spots” may not necessarily be all that old, and in fact, may look older than they feel. This treatment, then, allows them to take control of their look, to look how they want on their own terms. IPL treatment does this in such a way that’s safe, effective and reasonably priced.


That being said, IPL helps with far more than just concerns from aging. It also does great work with reducing skin damage from the sun. We’re very fortunate to live here in Southern California. Even with the rain, practically every day is beautiful, the weather is almost always warm. However, all of that sun, while great, can eventually take a toll on our bodies. Even if we were always good about wearing sunscreen and taking care of ourselves, we can develop sun damage.


Here, again, is another treatment that our IPL treatment can help with. At Divante Laser MedSpa, using our IPL, we can remove sun damage from your skin, allowing you to look how you want. This IPL treatment can help in a variety of ways: birthmarks, freckles and more – if there’s something you don’t like about your skin, some kind of mark that you wish wasn’t there, this particular treatment can change it so that you can look how you want to look.

Scar Removal of All Kinds 

Our IPL treatment doesn’t just get rid of skin concerns that you may have developed over time. It can also take care of the ones you develop in a moment: scars. Scarring is a result of your body healing itself from particular injuries and traumas that you may have been through. The problem becomes when scars linger or are noticeable.  You don’t have to live with scars anymore, as our treatment can remove them safely and painlessly.


For many with scars, this can be revelatory. No longer do you have to explain to a polite or nosy person why exactly you have these scars. You don’t have to wear clothes specifically to hide or minimize the scarring. Instead, you can take advantage of our treatment and then just go about your day. Without the scars to dominate how others see you, you can define yourself as you wish. It’s been said that “scars are a memory,” but with our treatment, they can also be one you choose to forget.


Scars that you develop from injury or trauma aren’t the only kind of scars that our IPL treatment removes. It’s also great for getting rid of acne or even surgical scarring. Many of us are a few years (or more) removed from our time as a teenager. That means that you shouldn’t have to deal with acne scarring anymore. Instead, we can remove it so that there is no sign of acne on your face anymore. Where creams, ointments, and other treatments fail, our IPL can succeed.


The same goes for surgical scars. No matter the reason you had surgery, our IPL can remove the scar. Many of our patients who have gone through a surgical procedure and then had our IPL to take care of the surgical scars mention to us how they felt once the surgical scarring was removed, that their surgical experience was finally over. For many, the removing of the surgical scars is the last step of recovery from surgery; stepping forward into a new you.

Preferred Means of Blood Vessel Appearance Reduction

We know that our blood vessels are always hard at work inside our bodies, but that doesn’t mean that we want to see them all of the time. Capillaries can break for all different kinds of reasons: everything from exposure to the sun to alcohol to irritated skin to our own genetics. When that happens, these veins might be too prominent in appearance, detracting from your overall look. That’s where our IPL comes in. Just as it does with the other skin concerns referenced in this blog, it can remove them, so that your skin looks exactly how you want your skin to look.


When you see age spots, or some kind of large scar, or even spider veins, it’s natural to think: “I need to get surgery to get rid of this.” Our IPL is a wonderfully non-invasive alternative to surgery. Surgery, while possibly effective, can take quite a bit more time than IPL does. After all, IPL may take a few sessions, but the session themselves are short and the recovery is remarkably fast. Surgery is essentially the opposite. A time-consuming process, surgery can require quite a bit of recovery before you can step back into your life. With IPL treatment, you can enjoy the benefits much faster.


The most important word in this process is “rejuvenation.” That’s what our treatment does. It rejuvenates your skin, unlocking its full potential. Your best beauty is still inside you. Real beauty comes from within, and this laser skin rejuvenation shows that. We know that not everyone may be sure if this treatment is right for them. That’s why we offer free consultations. When you give us a call, we’ll sit down with you and go over which skin treatment is right for your needs. To start that process, just call us Divante at (818) 334-4737.

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