Laser Skin Tightening

Laser Skin Tightening

Laser Skin Tightening is a non-invasive collagen inducing treatment to induce contraction with heat. By stimulating the collagen that lays below the skins surface, your skin will appear tightened and smooth. Laser skin tightening can be done on most areas of body, including the neck and face. It is a non-surgical procedure done in a Medical Spa, or Aesthetic Doctor’s office. Laser skin tightening is FDA approved, painless and requires no down time yielding improved skin elasticity, firmness, and wrinkle reduction. Patients will see will see immediate results, especially on the face. With any laser treatment, multiple sessions scheduled 2-4 weeks apart will yield the longest lasting results. The results achieved closely mimic plastic surgery results, but again no surgery or down time is required.

There are many different lasers that perform tightening on the market. There are both Light based Radio Frequency treatments, and true lasers. Lasers use light based technology to target area, whereas Radio Frequency devices use energy creating heat to areas below the skins surface. During treatment session the practitioner will use a hand piece to apply brief pulses of laser energy to the skin with a continuous burst of cool air from the laser will ensure the patients’ comfort. Most laser skin tightening systems require the practitioner to go over the treatment area three times for optimal results. Sessions normally last from 30 minutes to one hour. Finding which treatment is suitable for you can depend on cost, downtime, and long term effectiveness. For example; Ultherapy is a machine that can target the skins level at 3mm-4.5mm below the surface, and be treating those deep layers of tissue it means your skin is tightening from the inside out. It gets more than the superficial layer that most lasers reach, giving immediate longer lasting results.

While Ultherapy has virtually no downtime as most skin tightening lasers, it comes at a higher price. For those who can afford, and want to get the most bang for your buck, Ultherapy would be the go-to for Face and Neck tightening. However, there are many affordable lasers that give the same results, you just need more sessions to keep up with the effect of treatment.

There is no prep needed for Laser tightening, other than having no product on skin such as make-up, moisturizers, or serums prior to appointment. Depending on the Lasers strength, the provider will apply a topical numbing treatment, which adds about 15 minute to the appointment. Patient may experience redness, and/or some heat post appointment but any symptoms typically resolve themselves in a few hours. It is recommended to not work out the day of treatment, to not further exacerbate any redness. It is also very important to coordinate having other treatments done accordingly, No microdermabrasion, deep exfoliating treatment, or another laser treatment, such as Laser Hair Removal should be performed 2 weeks before or after any tightening laser treatment.

Laser skin tightening is a great alternative to plastic surgery and can be used to target mild to severe sagging and or wrinkling. Any age, or skin type can go forth with this procedure as well. Always make sure to do your research in contacting the providers offering service in which laser they use, making sure you know how many sessions you might need, cost, and downtime before booking. After the initial consult the patient can better grasp what procedure will work best for them based on skins condition, and aforementioned above cost etc. Another great aspect in skin tightening is you can resume back to schedule immediately after treatment, so you can fit it in even on your lunch break.


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