PRP Injection Treatment: Finally for Me

PRP injection treatment

I’ve always had a scar on my forehead. I’ve worn my hair in all different kinds of ways to hide it. Some were better than others. Some didn’t flat out work. I even had a very unfortunate period in my life when I experimented with hats. Many people look great in hats; I am not one of them.  I couldn’t quite find a scar treatment that worked for me. I never realized PRP injection treatment could be an answer for me. 

I’d gotten very good at covering for my scar, sometimes by talking about it. Depending on the event, mood or wine, I had hit my head on a waterslide as a kid; I’d had a car accident as a teenager or an unfortunate accident that ended my parallel bars gymnastics career. Sometimes it was a fun game, thinking of the best, newest way that I could’ve gotten my scar. Like so much else, after a while, it got exhausting.

PRP injection treatment wasn’t something that I’d been very interested in, at first.  To me, it just sounded like one more way to treat my scar that wasn’t going to be as effective as I had hoped. But, the more I researched it, the better and better it sounded. Then, I was fully on board as soon as I found out that it also did something about the dark circles under my eyes, too. Those were just starting to become bigger and bigger, too much for my creams and everything else in my makeup arsenal to shake.

Divante MedSpa was a place I had come across when I was researching PRP.  When I was comparing different places to go to, the reviews from their customers were really impressive. People liked going to other locations, but they LOVED going to Divante. After I did a bit more research, I figured I’d take the plunge and give Divante a shot.

PRP Injection Treatment at Divante

I must say, Divante makes an incredible first impression. They follow through on it, too. From the moment I walked in, I felt completely at ease. It was instantly made clear to me that this was a safe, secure and yet utterly professional location. The people who worked here are real, true pros who know exactly what they’re doing at all times. That being said, each of them had a wonderful bedside manner as well.

Naturally, being me, I had a million questions about the procedure, their facilities, and the like. They answered each of them honestly, quickly and matter of factly. I soon realized that all of my questions about the procedure were ones that they had heard before, but they were so good at their jobs they made it feel like I was the first person who had ever asked them.

PRP injection treatment

How it Works

This process was one of those that I had to have explained to me a couple times before I could truly wrap my head around it.  A member of the Divante staff draws blood from my arm and then runs it through a centrifuge. I hadn’t seen one of those since high school. Then, this is injected intradermally (new word alert) into my scar. This procedure also helps with collagen production, too.

What appealed to me the most about this procedure was how everything about it was so natural. I’ve grown leery of using different kinds of chemicals, formulas and more on my face and body. No matter how much research I do into these chemicals, I can never say, with 100% certainty, what’s in them, nor can I know exactly what the long term effects on my body will be.

The last thing I need in my life is to be laid up because of some unwanted side effects from some scar treatment that doesn’t even do the job.

Thus, the PRP

That’s what makes the PRP so appealing to me. It’s all natural. It’s my blood. It’s not like they’re putting something new into my body, rather they’re just moving things around. Once I realized that’s what the extent of this procedure would be, I was completely on board with going through with it.

The Results

The results of the PRP were far better than I ever would’ve imagined. In just three sessions, I was able to remove the scar completely from my head. The dark circles under my eyes have lessened considerably, as has my anxiety about them.

The days of having to wonder: “are they looking at me or my scar” are gone for good. There is a freedom in this, in just being able to face the day without worry. I’ve been recommending this procedure to many of my friends. At Divante, they have so many different treatments; you can probably find one that’s right for you. I recommend you call them at (818) 334-4737.

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