The Many Benefits of Laser Hair Removal: Gain through Loss

laser hair removal

Being unable to get rid of the hair you don’t want can be so frustrating. Some of us go to great lengths to cut it off or stop it from growing, only to find that the problem gets worse and worse. Maybe you’ve tried using tweezers, or some combination of ointments, gels, creams and more. Before people come to Divante Laser MedSpa for our laser hair removal treatment, they’ve often tried each of those (and more) only to find them lacking. Here at Divante, we can get rid of the hair you don’t want quickly, neatly and easily.

laser hair removal

30 Types of Laser Hair Removal

We know that many of our clients grow hair all over their bodies in areas where they’d prefer it not be. To make sure that we can help more people than ever, we offer thirty (30) different hair removal packages. That means that wherever you may have hair that you don’t want to have hair, we can get rid of it. Arms, underarms, abdomen, back, bikini line, body, face, chest, legs or neck, we can take care of it. It’s important to note that we’re actually able to do full and partial treatments for many of these areas. Maybe you just want your upper legs, or perhaps you just want the back or front of your neck. We can remove all of the hair from an area, or we can just remove some of it. You can choose.


That choice is one of the key benefits of our laser. See, the lasers we use are unbelievably precise. They won’t remove any hair that you don’t want to get rid of. There’s a reason that we use the phrase “laser precision” in our culture: lasers can focus like few other tools. These lasers that we use can zero in on the hair that you want to get rid of. Then, they can remove it and only it. This is important for areas of your body where you may have hair that you want to remove directly next to hair that you want to remain. There’s no “bleed” or anything like that with these lasers: they get rid of the hair they’re supposed to and nothing else.

Gentle and Fast

Those two words are often in opposition to each other. When we think of a procedure as being done quickly, we tend to believe that it won’t be done with comfort in mind. Some may think that for something to be done very quickly, it has to be somewhat painful. That’s absolutely not true with our laser hair removal treatment. We can remove your hair in such a way that’s very comfortable to you while also working in a very fast manner.


It all starts with the laser. Any hair removal service that uses a laser, we feel, has to be able to offer their clients the best laser. That’s what we’ve got: our laser is absolutely the top of the line. Caring for and maintaining the laser is critically important: by doing so, we’re able to give our clients a hair removal experience that’s second to none. One way to ensure that we do that is to constantly update the laser machine. By constantly checking on the laser, to ensure that it’s in its best working order, we can give our clients the kind of hair removal that they deserve.


While removing hair from your body with a laser may seem like a new idea, it really isn’t. The FDA approved this process back in 1997. Today, however, the lasers are so much more advanced than anyone could’ve thought possible. These lasers can deliver results that would’ve seemed like science fiction only a few short years ago, certainly not as far back as 1997. Here at Divante, we can remove the hair you want in a neat, orderly fashion that will give you the look that you want.

Hair Removal, Nothing Else

Many people over the years have been reticent about getting hair removed by a laser because they were worried about some of the side effects. They were worried about the effect that it might have on their skin or their bodies. Today, we know enough about having hair removed by lasers to know that isn’t a concern. Our lasers affect the hair and nothing else. They don’t damage the skin, or really affect it in any way. Rather, they just focus on the hair, removing it entirely while leaving the rest of your body unscathed.


While these services are more expensive than just shaving, they can actually end up saving you money over time. After all, these hair removal treatments do keep your body from growing hair in the affected areas. That may take several treatments, but it is what occurs. So, while the process may be more expensive than shaving today, it may not be that way over time. If you think of all of the money that you spend on shaving accessories and then multiply that over the course of the rest of your lifetime, it could be seen as a way save money on your beauty, long term.


On top of that, you also have to take into account how much time you’ll spend not having to shave. Shaving is a daily activity for some people. It’s also, due to the sensitive nature, not something that a person can do very quickly, or when they’re stressed out or in a rush. It’s the kind of thing that can take quite a bit of time in a person’s daily routine. By getting this procedure, you can eventually save all of that time. Instead of having to shave day after day, you can get started with your day, instead.


On the subject of time, these laser hair treatments don’t take long. While it may take several treatments to get the ultimate results that you may seek, those treatments tend not to be too long. The sessions themselves don’t last a long period of time, and they aren’t very invasive. So, you can get the look that you want without having to spend copious amounts of time being treated. It may not happen overnight, but in a few sessions, you can take care of your unwanted hair problems for good.

Laser Hair Treatment for Summer

As of this writing, summer is in full swing. The weather is hot, the temperatures are warm, and it’s the perfect time to be at the beach. That means swimsuits, tanning, pool parties, and plenty of other events that you want to look your best for. If you have noticeable hair in unwanted areas, it’s hard to look your best. It’s easy to fall into being self-conscious or losing some of your self-esteem.


That’s where our laser hair treatments come in. While we do recommend that you have multiple sessions to get rid of your unwanted hair concerns for good, in just a session or two you can see real, noticeable results. That means that you don’t have to wait until next summer to get that hair you wanted to be removed. You can still enjoy the outdoor parties on the 4th of July and other times during the summer, secure in the idea that you won’t be held back by your unwanted hair.

Divante is ready to Help

You can schedule a laser hair removal treatment with us in minutes. We’re open seven days a week, so we can always help you to get the look that you want. We’ll be glad to schedule a free consultation with you to figure out the best way to help. Maybe you already know you want to get a laser hair removal treatment, or perhaps you’d like to see everything that we have available. Schedule with us by calling (818) 334-4737. 

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