Vascular Laser Treatment for Varicose Vein and Other Issues

Vascular Laser Treatment for Varicose Vein

Varicose veins aren’t something you have to live with. Our laser treatment can treat your varicose veins so that they disappear. You can have your legs back, looking just the way that you want. Spider veins are a similar problem, even though they occur in an entirely different part of the body, near the eye. Our safe laser treatment can reduce or even eliminate these unwanted blemishes from your body so that you can look exactly how you want to. You don’t have to settle for these veins. You can choose your look with our vascular laser treatment for varicose vein and many other issues.

Vascular Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are often associated with aging. As we get older, these veins might start popping up on our legs and in other areas. However, that doesn’t mean that only older people get them. In fact, some younger folks can be predisposed to getting varicose veins as well. Our laser treatment is for folks of all ages who want their legs back. Varicose veins can be a distraction at best and a genuine drain on your self-esteem at worst. Our treatment makes sure that these veins aren’t something you have to worry about anymore.

Here in southern California, the weather is almost always nice. Sure, there are days when it’s raining and storming, but for the most part, it’s summer weather. That means short shorts, skirts, and the like. Too many of us with varicose veins spend all of our time wearing long pants, leggings, or something else that we believe will cover the varicose veins. Don’t let those veins make you dress differently. Instead of being overly warm all of the time, or dealing with questions like: “aren’t you hot in those pants,” let our laser treatment reduce or even outright eliminate those varicose veins.

Some of us with varicose veins may go out with legs exposed, but no matter how confident we may seem, there’s always something in the back of our heads asking: “do they notice?” It’s hard to be your most confident, to enjoy life on your terms, when you’re concerned with someone stealing a glance at your legs and thinking less of you. These veins don’t define you; they aren’t who you really are. With our laser treatment, we can get rid of them and give you the self-esteem boost that you’ve been looking for.

Vascular Laser Treatment for Varicose Vein

How Varicose Vein Treatment Works

We’ve all seen lasers in movies and TV shows. Typically, they’re used in some kind of sci-fi setting, where different factions are firing laser guns at each other. That’s not at all how these lasers work. Those lasers are weapons. Instead, our lasers are revitalizing. They don’t really “eliminate” anything; instead, they improve your body’s health. That’s exactly how they treat varicose veins.

During our laser varicose vein treatment, the lasers just stimulate your blood flow. That’s it. Entirely non-invasive, that’s what they do. This may not sound like much, but it makes an incredible difference. What happens when your blood flow is stimulated is that your circulation then improves. Specifically, your circulation improves in the part of your body where the varicose veins are. Then, with the circulation going stronger and the blood flow flowing, varicose veins… disappear. Those factors combine to lessen and eventually eliminate them. Over the course of multiple treatments, you can really knock them out for good. Of course, even after just one treatment, you can see incredible results. Varicose veins don’t have to hold you back from anything anymore.

Spider Vein Repellant

“Spider veins” earn that name for multiple reasons. They look a bit like the legs of a spider, appearing near your eye. The key word there is “appearing,” as these legs do simply appear one day, like a spider in the corner of your basement. Also like spiders, they aren’t necessarily easy to get rid of. You may have tried different creams, oils, ointments and more, just as a homeowner tries different traps, sprays and other methods to get rid of spiders. A person looking to get rid of spiders for good calls in an exterminator. Someone looking to get rid of spider veins utilizes our laser treatment.

Just as with varicose veins, spider veins can wipe away your self-esteem. Many people will notice your eyes before they ever notice any other part of your body. That first impression can be sealed before they even see the rest of you. If someone looks into your eyes, it can hurt if they see the spider veins and think that you’re old, or that you’re older than you feel. Even if you stay in great shape and look very young, it can be hard to shake the impression made by these spider veins.

You don’t actually have to be at all old, by any means, for these spider veins to creep into your face.  They can just appear one day. Then, it’s all too easy to worry that anyone who looks you in the eyes is really thinking: “I can see those spider veins.” Your eyes are used so much in communication, you can’t afford for anything to potentially throw that off or muddy it. With our laser treatment, you can take control, removing those spider veins so that you can look how you want.

Spider Vein Laser Treatment

We understand that many people are squeamish about using a laser, even a safe one, near their eyes. Of course, that makes sense – it would be odd if you weren’t a bit uncomfortable about the prospect of having a laser near your eyes. That’s why we go to such great lengths to ensure that our laser is as safe and secure as possible. For example, our laser is literally called the “GentleMax Pro.” That name is more than earned, as this is perhaps the safest and most effective laser that’s ever been on the market.

On top of that, everyone who undergoes our spider vein laser treatment is given special protective eye wear. This eye wear makes sure that your eyes take in no damage whatsoever. Once the treatment starts, it only tends to last for a few minutes. That’s just how powerful our laser is. It can get rid of those annoying spider veins in just a brief period of time.

To be clear, we also have laser treatments that work the spider veins that appear on other parts of your body as well. When they appear on your face, we have special eye protection. However, when they appear on your hands and feet, we have treatments for that, too. No matter how you got your spider veins, whether through age, sun exposure, scars, surgery, illness, injury or any other way, we have an effective treatment for them.

As with our other laser treatments, the actual laser treatment itself doesn’t technically “eliminate” anything. Instead, it heals and rejuvenates your body. These spider veins are essentially the byproduct of broken capillaries “leaking” into your skin. So, our laser treatment puts a stop to them. For lack of a better word, this laser treatment “zaps” those capillaries. It buttresses them. It provides a wall, a stopping point. That way, the capillaries can’t “leak” anymore, due to the work that the lasers have done. This keeps the spider veins from getting worse and actually lessens them.

The Right Treatment for Your Needs

This laser treatment may be the right one for you, the treatment that gets rid of all of those unsightly veins and more, once and for all. However, you don’t have to know which treatment is right for you when you reach out to us. That’s why we have a team of professionals. You can schedule a consultation with us, and they’ll sit down with you and figure out the best treatment for you. Do so by calling (818) 334-4737.

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