Cleaning Stains From Counters

The focal point of your kitchen, your countertops are more than just an investment. Therefore, maintaining their appearance is crucial. In order to bring you the absolute best advice for effectively removing countertop stains, we consulted experts from all sectors of the industry. 

1. How to Clean Stained Laminate Countertops 

Laminate countertops are extremely stain-resistant since they are made of plastic resins. But sometimes you’ll collect rust in the bathrooms due the humidity.

Simply wipe it off quickly, or if residue is still there, treat with water mixture and baking soda. Hot things pose the greatest threat to laminate because they “stain” the surface by burning it. Preventive actions are the only effective solution (using trivets and extreme care). According to Bell, most laminate countertops that sustain damage can only be replaced (

2. How to Clean Butcher Block Countertops of Stains 

Most essential, you must carefully seal with mineral oil once a month to prevent damage while using this warm, rustic media. 

How to clean it: Light stains are best removed by cleaning right away with a straightforward mixture of mild soap and water when they are well sealed. Contractor Edward O’Brien of Nantucket, who frequently works with butcher block, claims that there is only one effective technique to get rid of larger stains: “sand it out, refinish, and reseal.” 

3. How to Clean Granite Countertops of Stains 

Granite is a natural stone that is reasonably durable, especially when sealed (see more). 

Cleaning instructions: Rinse with warm, soapy water to remove the majority of stains.We advises adding a baking soda paste to a thicker stain (like an oil stain), covering it with plastic wrap, and letting it lie overnight. This method takes out the oil. Clean up in the morning with a soft towel and warm water. One thing to keep in mind while cleaning natural stone surfaces, especially granite: stay away from abrasive cleaners like pumice stones or heavy-duty scrub pads because they can harm the surface. 

4. How to Clean Concrete Countertops of Stains 

To stop stains, scratches, and water absorption, concrete must be coated with a concrete sealer because to its high porosity. 

Nathaniel Lieb, a concrete specialist, suggests soaking a cotton ball in household bleach, pressing it against the stain with a heavy item (like a glass), and letting it sit for five to ten minutes to remove any spills. 

5. How to Clean Quartz Countertops of Stains 

Scratch, stain-resistant and non-porous quartz is about as excellent as it gets in terms of general upkeep. 

Cleaning instructions: “Use a warm washcloth and mild soap to wipe up any spill. Summer Kath, head of design at Cambria Quartz, asserts that nothing more powerful or intricate is required. 

Here are other ways to remove stains from counters 

Use Nail Polish Remover to Get Rid of Spots 

Gentle solvents or more potent solvents like denatured acetone, and alcohol typically work on the worst stains, including ink. 

Applying a tiny amount to a cotton ball or soft rag is the best way to use these solvents because they are combustible and emit foul odors. The majority of solvents won’t damage or discolor plastic laminate, but to be safe, test them first on a discrete area. 

Put a paste of baking soda on the stain. 

Countertop stains that are difficult to remove don’t have to be irreversible. Most of them can be eliminated with common household spray cleansers. Make sure any product you use is advised for laminate countertops by reading the label. 

Patience is key when using these products; give the cleaner about five minutes to work before wiping the surface clean. On tough places, a plastic brush comes in handy. If a typical cleaner is ineffective, try baking soda. Fruit juice and other liquid-based stains can frequently be removed using a paste consisting of baking soda and a little water. Don’t scrub since baking soda is mildly abrasive and may leave tiny scratches. Simply let the paste sit for one to two hours before gently wiping it away.