How Much Is Botox?

How Much Is Botox

How much is BOTOX?

BOTOX is being used more and more, becoming a very popular cosmetic procedure across the country. In addition to the cosmetic benefits of BOTOX, many patients are turning to this procedure to help with a wide range of health elements. BOTOX has helped improve patients’ lives, making them feel good on the inside and outside. As this procedure grows in popularity, it is leaving many patients asking one question: How much is BOTOX?

Purpose of treatment

The purpose for getting treatment will determine exactly how much BOTOX costs. Costs of BOTOX can vary.  Depending on the amount needed and if it is covered by health insurance. If the injections are determined to be medically necessary, some insurance policies may cover the procedures. Knowing the purpose for receiving BOTOX injections will help determine the basic costs of the procedure.

Number of units

Just like the purpose of the treatment can affect the price, so does the amount of units needed. Because a vial of BOTOX can only be used on a single patient, even if less than a vial is needed, the patient may be charged as if they used the entire vial. Everything from what is being treated to the location of the injections will determine how many vials are needed.

Number of treatments

Depending on what the BOTOX treatment is being used for, there may be a need for routine injections or just a short-term series of injections. For example, when BOTOX is used for the treatment of migraines, there may be a need to have injections completed every month or so. However, in the case of cosmetic treatments, only a few injections may be needed. The total number of treatments will have the biggest impact on the overall cost of BOTOX.

Location of treatment injections

Some facilities charge different prices according to where the BOTOX is being injected. For most, the location does affect the cost.  Some areas require more vials of BOTOX to be used to effectively treat the area. If the area has a lot of movement, more units will be used for the treatment.

Treatment facility

Patients visiting a medical day spa for BOTOX treatments may pay a different price than those visiting a doctor’s office for the procedure. In addition to the treatment facility, the person administering the injections may have an affect on the costs. Everything from if the person is a medical doctor, a clinical physician, nurse, dermatologist or a certified practitioner at a day spa can affect how much is charged for the treatment.


If the costs of BOTOX treatments seem a bit out of budget, do not hesitate to ask if there are any discounts or specials available. Though not always the case, some dermatologists, spas and plastic surgeons may offer discounts for regular patients and those who purchase multiple treatments.

Before determining if BOTOX is the best procedure to help with health or cosmetic issues, it is best to speak with a professional trained in administering BOTOX at Divante Laser MedSpa. He or she will help determine if BOTOX is the best treatment for the patient and will help determine the overall cost of the procedure. This will help patients avoid any surprises before getting their BOTOX treatment.

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