Laser Hair Removal Legs

Laser Hair Removal Legs

Are you tired of the dealing with short-term hair removal methods, such as shaving or waxing, which are time-consuming and ineffective? Laser hair removal for legs is a very efficient and safe method of long-term hair removal. Those wanting to remove unwanted leg hair will find that this type of treatment offers not only the removal of hair, but also a long-lasting delay in the growth of hair, giving clients their desired results. These results are compared to those short-term results achieved by shaving and waxing, as well as using epilator and depilator creams. The process of laser hair removal allows for treatment of a larger area without needing to target each individual hair follicle.

How it works

Laser hair removal is effective because the hair tissue is destroyed by a targeted laser light that is directed at the follicle. The light is absorbed by the melanin in the follicle, which is converted into heat and destroys the hair base. This process also destroys the stem cell population that is located in the sheath around the follicle, reducing the speed of future hair growth. This is why many clients feel this procedure is the most effective method and has great results.

Skin types

Because not all hair and skin types are the same, there are a variety of different laser hair removal systems available. For example, it is suggested that those with darker skin be treated with lasers with a longer wavelength and those with lighter skin use a shorter one. Using the wrong type of laser pulse can damage tissue and may cause burning and/or scarring. It is always best to speak with a professional to determine which type of laser treatment is best for an individual’s skin and hair type.

Best candidates

Though laser hair removal on legs can be done on most people, the best results are found among those with fair skin and light colored hair. Persons with darker hair and skin can still receive treatment, however, they may need to have the wavelength of the laser adjusted. Individuals with suntanned skin may not see any results, as tanned skin is often less responsive to laser treatment. Those who have been exposed to the sun for long periods may want to wait several weeks before getting treatment.

Benefits of laser hair removal

There are many benefits to undergoing laser hair removal of the legs, including the fact that this treatment can be targeted to a specific area, leaving surrounding skin undamaged. Laser treatments are also faster than others and many see permanent results after several sessions. Recovery is minimal and in most cases only feels like a sunburn in the area of the treatment for a few days.

Follow-up treatments

Though hair growth is reduced after each laser treatment, long-term hair reduction is achieved after a series of laser hair removal treatment of the legs. Those who have this procedure done several times may find partial hair regrowth within six months of initial treatment. When this occurs, having some maintenance treatments might be necessary.

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures done. Those debating on whether laser hair removal of the legs is the best treatment for them should speak with a board certified dermatologist or licensed healthcare professional. He or she will be able to discuss the options available and if laser hair removal is best for a person or if there is an alternative treatment that is best for them.

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