Lip Injections Los Angeles

Lip Injections Los Angeles

Full, luscious lips are what many dream of having and lip injections can make those dreams come true. Before setting up the appointment for lip injections at Divante Laser MedSpa, there are some things to consider and options to choose from. Speaking with a professional can help answer any questions or concerns a patient may have.

What are lip injections? 

Just like other cosmetic procedures, lip injections are completed by injecting fillers into the lips. These fillers help give patients the desired results of fuller and plumper lips. The injections also help reduce the signs of wrinkles around the lip area.

Why get lip injections? 

There are many reasons to get lip injections. The biggest reason is to achieve the appearance of fuller lips. However, as a patient ages, they may start wanting to have injections completed to help combat the appearance of lines around the mouth. Fuller, plumper lips, with fewer wrinkles can give a more youthful appearance. Great candidates for lip injections are those who were born with very thin lips or uneven/unbalanced lips.

What are the benefits of lip injections? 

In addition to getting fuller lips and removing wrinkles around the lips, there are other benefits patients enjoy when having lip injections. There are a variety of options available, making it possible to try different injections until the desired look is achieved. Plus, lip injections cost less, cause little bruising and have little downtime, especially when compared to lip implants. The biggest benefit is that these treatments can be completed at Divante Laser MedSpa before or after work or even during a lunch break.

What to ask when considering lip injections? 

It is best to consult with one of our professionals to help determine if a patient is best suited for lip injections. Divante professionals can discuss the pros and cons of lip injections and if necessary, offer alternative treatment options. You may also want to ask to verify that the professional you are working with is certified and experienced with this procedure.

Do lip injections hurt? 

Those who say they are afraid of needles may find themselves automatically excluding the option of lip injections to achieve fuller and plumper lips. The needles for the injections are fine and most patients say that they are virtually painless … only feeling a small pinch during the procedure.


Will the lip injections look fake? 

Many fillers and injectables are known for looking fake and leaving patients with sagging lips after the effects wear off. This mostly occurs when patients go overboard with treatments or go to someone who is not trained in lip injections. If done by a trained professional at Divante, there should be no issues with the injections appearing fake.

What are the risks of lip injections? 

With any procedure or injection, there are risks associated with having lip injections. This is a noninvasive procedure, but there are some minimal risks. Some experience bruising, swelling and redness. These are the most common side effects of the procedure. Other risks, such as allergic reaction, may be possible. Speaking with the Divante professional can help determine what the risks may be and what you can expect should you experience any of the above after the procedure.

How long do the results last?

As with any procedure, how long the results last vary by patient. Some brands of injections can last longer than others. Most say they see results last anywhere from six to eight months, with some seeing results lasting years.

Those not sure if lip injections is the best procedure will want to speak with a professional at Divante Laser MedSpa to help determine if this is the best procedure. He or she can help patients determine if this procedure is the best option and help make them feel comfortable. Plus, he or she will be able to help ensure the patient gets the desired results from the injections.

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