The Sum of its Parts: Microneedling Near Me

microneedling near me

Whenever we discuss micro needling with people, we have always have to acknowledge that, yes, it includes several tiny needles puncturing your skin. Of course, this procedure is as safe and secure as can be. Indeed, using the word “puncture” here is to stretch the definition: these needles touch your skin as little as possible to meet the minimum definition of “puncture.” While those punctures might be practically microscopic, the benefits your skin will derive from them are massive indeed. Below, we’ll talk about what you can find when you search for “microneedling near me” and all of the different ways it can help.

Like a Collagen Injection

Here at Divante MedSpa, we have plenty of different kinds of injectables to choose from. Botox, Kybella, Dysport and more — we have all different kinds of products that you can inject into your skin to make yourself look younger and more. What makes our microneedling so unique is that it increases the collagen in your skin without injecting anything. Instead, these little needles allow your body to unleash its natural collagen.

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in our body, particularly when it comes to looking youthful and great. Unfortunately, like so many other things that make us look great, it declines as we age. As the years go on, we can acquire many things, but we don’t acquire more collagen or better collagen. So many of our treatments are about making up for that collagen.

Microneedling is unique in this regard: it doesn’t add anything new to your skin. Instead, it sets ignites your body’s natural collagen production. While your collagen might lay dormant for a long time, microneedling sparks it back up. See, our tiny needles puncture the first layer of skin. That’s important to remember: they only puncture the first layer. They don’t puncture any others. By just getting that first layer, they don’t actually cause any pain, damage or anything like that.

However, your collagen production doesn’t know that. Your collagen production sees the tiny punctures that our needles make and thinks: “time to get to work.” So, it goes into overdrive, fixing all of those tiny punctures with collagen. It heals those little “wounds” with collagen. What that really does is make your skin look younger and healthier. By kickstarting your collagen production, microneedling gives your skin a genuinely youthful look.

Get More from Topical Products

If you’re searching online for microneedling, odds are that you’ve tried many other treatments and products to make your skin look younger first. After all, we know that our tiny punctures are safe and fine for your body, but most people’s thought process isn’t: “I want to have better younger-looking skin. I should pay to get punctured several times.” If you’re like so many of our successful microneedling customers, then you might have a medicine cabinet or drawers filled with all sorts of topical creams, oils and more that didn’t do what you wanted. Or, they might have given you some results, but they were minimal or took too long to appear.

Our microneedling isn’t just a way to make your skin look better (although it does that) it can help you to get your money’s worth from all of those different products, too. So many of our customers have reported that, after they had microneedling, they were able to get more out of their topical products. They report back that these topical products were more effective than they ever were before, helping to solidify and build upon the great results from the microneedling.

This is true for a variety of reasons, and one of the biggest is that topical products tend to absorb better after someone’s gone through microneedling. Sure, your collagen production improves, making your skin look younger, smoother and better. However, after microneedling, so many of your pores may feel more open. This means that those products can be absorbed into your skin so much faster and more effectively than ever before.

This can really help you to get the most out of your microneedling. All of the money that you may have spent on these topical treatments, then, won’t be wasted at all. You’ll be able to recoup it, and moreover, you’ll be able to recoup it in the manner you originally intended to use it: for better, younger, healthier-looking skin. Microneedling has benefits in many ways, beyond even smoother skin.

While microneedling may be more expensive than other kinds of oils and skin creams, that doesn’t mean that it’s prohibitively expensive. In fact, we have many financing options available, too. You shouldn’t have to spend all of your money to have your skin be as smooth as you’d like. We can work out a payment plan with you so that you can get skin that’s as youthful-looking as you’d like.

microneedling near me

Your Skin, Your Choice

Even when we have our best, healthiest looking skin, it may not feel that way. You may just think of your skin as your skin, and then, one day, problems appear. One wrinkle becomes more, stretch marks, acne, crow’s feet — seemingly overnight, they can appear. Just because they’ve appeared on your body, that doesn’t mean you’re old. It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden you aren’t young anymore. But, it can make you feel that way.

Thankfully, you don’t have to. The phrase “you’re as young as you feel” really is true. That said, it’s hard to feel young when your skin has wrinkles or other signs of age. Microneedling can help with that. You don’t have to settle for aging skin. You have a choice. You can choose to make your skin look as young and healthier as you’d like. Here at Divante, we allow you to make the decision to look younger and feel healthier. Microneedling is just one of our main treatments that allow you to do just that.

“Microneedling Near Me” at Divante MedSpa

When people talk about what microneedling can do, most of what comes to mind is: wrinkle reduction, getting rid of crow’s feet, that kind of thing. However, it can help with far more skin conditions than just that. For example, adult acne. Acne, like so many other embarrassing memories, is meant to be left back in adolescence. Alas, sometimes it isn’t. Perhaps you have lasting acne from your high school years. Or maybe you have scars that come about as a result of the acne. Another possibility is that you have adult acne, such as black heads or white heads that appear long after you’ve graduated high school.

Microneedling can help with each of those as well. Among all of the ways that microneedling can help your skin, one of the more overlooked is how it reduces the sebum production in your body. That makes your skin significantly less oily. As you may remember, by having your skin be less oily, you cut down on acne and pimples. Microneedling is even better for this because microneedling is also a procedure you can get while you have active pimples. Some other treatments can’t be used while you have pimples, but you don’t have to wait for them to go away to get great skin with microneedling.

We know that when you search for microneedling online, there sure are a lot of different places that you can get microneedling at. Here at Divante, we work to offer our customers the best of everything: the best facilities, the best medical professionals, with the best financing options, too. On top of that, we try to offer our prospective customers the best way to get started with a medical spa, too. Scheduling an appointment with us is simple, and you can do it in a matter of minutes. Whether you get the microneedling or any other procedure with us, we’ll sit down with you for a free consultation. Start the process today by calling (818) 351-2126.

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